Arvert / Charente-Maritime / French Atlantic Coast

Top tips from Parc de Bellevue campsite: Useful addresses in the Charente Maritime

A selection of tourist attractions and other addresses for your camping holiday

Nature, heritage, gastronomy and other local gems: check out some examples of what the Charente Maritime has to offer you during your stay at Parc de Bellevue campsite.

Owners: open from February 18th to November 24th, 2019
Tent/caravan: open from May 1st to September 29th, 2019
Chalet: open from April 6th to November 3rd, 2019

In 2019, discover our new multi-sports ground featuring 2 stands with football goals and basketball hoops, and once per week there’s an inflatable climbing wall on site.

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The Charente region (Oléron, Royan, La Palmyre, Marennes, etc.)

La Rochelle Aquarium

Aquarium de La Rochelle

One of the largest private aquariums in Europe.

Quai Louis Prunier - BP 4 - 17002 LA ROCHELLE Cedex 1

05 46 34 00 00
La Cité de l'Huître (oyster museum) French Atlantic Coast

La Cité de l'Huître: oyster museum

The perfect place to learn all about oyster farming.

Chenal de la Cayenne, 17320 MARENNES

05 46 36 78 98
Corderie Royale historical rope factory near the campsite

Corderie Royale

La Corderie Royale is the jewel of the Arsenal in Rochefort.

Centre International de la Mer - BP 50108 - 17303 ROCHEFORT Cedex

05 46 87 01 90
Frégate de l'Hermione (reproduction of old frigate)

Frégate de l'Hermione

A large wooden boat, testimony to a key period of French maritime history.

Arsenal maritime - Place Amiral Dupont - BP 70177 - 17308 ROCHEFORT Cedex

05 46 82 07 07
Le Marais aux Oiseaux bird marshes near Parc de Bellevue campsite

Le Marais aux Oiseaux

Natural area of 50 hectares of leafy trees surrounded by ancient salty marshes.

Les Grissotières 17550 DOLUS-D'OLÉRON

05 46 75 37 54
Royan Tourist Information Office

Royan Tourist Information Office

Discover Royan and the surrounding area.

1, boulevard de la Grandière 17200 ROYAN

05 46 23 00 00
Grottes de Matata, cliff caves museum

The ‘grottes de Matata’ caves

Caves carved out by the sea 65 million years ago.

67, boulevard de la Falaise 17132 MESCHERS-SUR-GIRONDE

05 46 02 70 02
Paleosite paleolithic museum on the French Atlantic Coast

Paléosite: Paleolithic Museum

Learn all about the Neanderthals at this paleolithic centre.

Route de la montée verte 17770 SAINT-CÉSAIRE

05 46 97 90 90
Le Chateau des Énigmes historical castle adventure trail

Le Chateau des Énigmes: Castle and Adventure Trails

A leisure park where you can visit a magnificent Renaissance castle via a fun-filld adventure trail.

Le Chateau des Énigmes 17800 PONS

05 46 91 09 19

Tourism near Arvert

La Tremblade casino in the Charente Maritime

La Tremblade Casino

Day and night, you can try your luck with the casino's 62 slot machines and various table games.

46, avenue de la chaumière 17390 RONCES-LES-BAINS

05 46 76 88 86
Le train des Mouettes steam train

Le train des Mouettes steam train

Steam train running along the 21km that separate La Tremblade from Saujon.

Rue de la Résinerie 17390 LA TREMBLADE

05 46 05 37 64
Kayak et Nature kayaking activities near Royan

Kayak et Nature: kayaking and other activities

Kayak and Stand Up Paddle rentals as well as trails through the marshes of Mornac-sur-Seudre.

48, rue du port 17113 MORNAC-SUR-SEUDRE

06 12 64 92 88
Inter Îles boat trips on the French Atlantic Coast

Croisières Inter Îles boat trips

Seasonal boat trips to the Fort Boyard as well as the islands of Aix, Ré and Oléron.

3, promenoir des Coureauleurs, Le Gabut 17000 LA ROCHELLE

0825 135 500 (0,15 €/mn)
La Palmyre Zoo near Parc de Bellevue campsite

Zoo de la Palmyre

View more than 1600 mammals, birds and reptiles representing 115 different species.

6, ancien chemin de Royan 17570 LES MATHES

05 46 22 46 06
Cyclo Trott electric scooter bike rentals near the campsite

Cyclo Trott

Bike, scooter and carriage-bike rentals in La Palmyre.

Port de La Palmyre, 2, Boulevard de la Plage, 17570 LA PALMYRE

05 46 22 52 34
Océanic Jet Quad’Aventure quad biking near Parc de Bellevue campsite

Océanic Jet Quad’Aventure

Hiking/quad trails, jet-ski trips, Fort Boyard discovery, group/team-building day events..

Domaine du Coral, 1570, route de la Fouasse 17570 LES MATHES

05 46 22 41 81
Hippodrome Royan Atlantique racecourse near Arvert

Hippodrome Royan Atlantique racecourse

An exceptional setting in the heart of the Coubre forest.

Allée des Gannes 17570 LES MATHES

05 46 22 46 17
Parc Indian Forest tree top adventure park

Indian Forest Adventure Park

Thrills and aventure guaranteed for the whole family, with tree tops trails, crazyjump and laser quest.

Route de la Bouverie 17570 LES MATHES

05 46 22 55 45
Croisières Alizé boat trips on the French Atlantic Coast

Croisières Alizé boat trips

Boat outings leaving La Tremblade for Fort Boyard and the Island of Aix.

La Grève 17390 LA TREMBLADE

06 63 59 94 73

Restaurants (charentaise cuisine)

French cuisine at the 3 Canards restaurant

Les 3 Canards Restaurant

This hotel and restaurant is open all year round, offering a range of carefully prepared meals.

14, rue Saulnier Avallon 17530 ARVERT

05 46 36 40 43
Chez Roberte fine cuisine near Arvert

Chez Roberte Restaurant

With a shady terrace, located on the banks of the Grève port in the heart of the Marennes-Oléron basin.

Boulevard Roger Letélié 17390 LA TREMBLADE

05 46 36 12 90
Le Flandre French food near Parc de Bellevue campsite

Le Flandre restaurant

Gourmet restaurant in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer, near Royan, offering regional delicacies, fish and seafood options.

Avenue de la Palmyre 17420 SAINT-PALAIS-SUR-MER

05 46 23 36 16