You love Parc de Bellevue campsite? We want to reward your loyalty!

Share the love and tell your friends and family about our campsite: if they sign up, you'll all reap the rewards!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our ‘loyalty rewards’ and ‘sign-up rewards’ programmes, designed to thank our regular holidaymakers for their loyalty and for sharing their positive experience in our campsite in Arvert with their friends and family.

If you've stayed with us at least twice at Parc de Bellevue campsite, you're now a ‘regular’!

It's easy to become a ‘regular’: all you need is to have stayed twice with us, no matter when you came or how long you stayed.

When you're a ‘regular’ at Parc de Bellevue campsite, you're entitled to various discounts

1. For every new booking you make, you get a 5 % discount on the cost of your rental (excluding local tax, booking fees and any supplements).

2. Once you are a ‘regular’, you can sign up other holidaymakers. For every new holiday booked via you, you'll get an extra 5 % discount.

Yes, you read that right! Every stay booked via you will give you a further 5% off your next holiday! You can use this cumulative discount on a stay of your choice. Contact us to find our where you're at with your sponsored sign-ups account!

Incentives for your family and friends too at Parc de Bellevue!

Family and friends who sign up thanks to you will be exempt from booking fees, saving them 25 €.

And to make sure they plunge straight into the campsite's friendly welcoming atmosphere, a staple in the Charente Maritime, we'll also offer them and their fellow holidaymakers a welcome drink.

Whether you're a regular or a new sign-up, let reception know!

Whether you're a regular or signing up thanks to a regular, make sure you mention it when you book. We'll immediately apply the appropriate discount to your stay!

New sign-ups can download the sign up form here.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon in the Charente Maritime!